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Friends of Potrero Hill



Our Mission

Emphasizing creativity, imaginary play and environmental awareness, our program helps children establish the deep-rooted foundations they will need to thrive in our increasingly complex and challenging world and to solve the problems of the future.

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A Blue Cloth

A blue cloth in the hands of the child

Becomes an ocean...then a river

Becomes a tent

and then the sky

Becomes a cape that flies

a blanket for rest

A blue cloth in the hands of a child

is no ordinary thing

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Recent News

We have a few open slots for this year, and are currently accepting applications for the 2024-25 school year.


Our Philosophy

The school's philosophy is based on the belief that it is through the realm of play and pretend that the child’s intellect is first given form, and that the imagination is the ground in which the skills of problem solving and creative thinking must first take root.


“The teachers are all very caring, kind, and engaging. Our son's social and emotional intelligence, communication, creativity and imagination have expanded since attending FOPH.”

Robin, Class of 2022

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