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About us


Founded in 1996, Friends of Potrero Hill Nursery School is a much-loved preschool serving San Francisco families. Over 200 children have begun school in its caring and delightful atmosphere. We are a fully licensed, self-funded and independent school.



At Friends of Potrero Hill Nursery School we believe that young children live in a world blessed by the possibilities of their own imaginations. We believe that it is through the realm of play and pretend that the child’s intellect is first given form, and that imagination is the ground in which the skills of problem solving and creative thinking must first take root.


The school maintains an intimate and simple atmosphere with a daily schedule that includes singing, story telling, outdoor play, cooking and other crafts. Giving thanks for the Earth, for food and for each other is an integral part of our daily practice. We believe a reverence for nature will create the environmentalists of the future, and the classroom reflects this. Toys are made of wood, cotton and other natural materials.


Through a seasonal cycle of activities in our small garden and throughout the neighborhood, we draw the children’s attention to the natural world around them. The stories teachers tell are in keeping with the changing moods of the year, as well as the changing rhythms within each child.

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